kickboxing northportWelcome to H.I.I.T.Kick, the kickboxing and fitness site for Full Impact Martial Arts.

We are located at 1014 Fort Salonga Rd. in Northport NY 11768.

(631) 261-3811

Our kickboxing and fitness offers something for anyone and everyone looking to get in the best shape of their lives in a clean, fun and friendly environment. All egos are checked at the door with our highly trained instructors who are here to make sure you reach your goals as quickly as possible and push beyond what you may have even thought possible.

We offer both morning and evening classes so there is something to fit almost any schedule.

Ask yourself?

Do you have a health club membership that you never use?

Tired of the same old routines that do not get results?

Just haven’t’ worked out in a while or maybe even at all? 

Then get ready to have the most fun getting in to the best shape of your life!

We offer 4 different types of classes. These classes, while different in their own right, compliment each other so that you can maximize your workouts and see results  FAST! Best of all anyone can do these classes. The classes are:

H.I.I.T.Kick – High energy cardio kickboxing that will get you sweating minutes in to the workout!

Bag Blast – Kicking and punching at it’s best with non stop heavy bag work.

Resistance Boot Camp – Our version of a full body resistance workout with a twist

Total Body Kickboxing – A combination of our resistance boot camp and bag blast classes

Why Our Kickboxing And Fitness Program Works!

Let’s face it, one of the biggest reasons most people stop any program is they get bored. Following video routines at home gets old really fast. Traditional cardio machines like treadmills and steppers also tend to get boring fast and going to the gym by yourself feels more like a second job.

Our classes will keep you moving, motivated and engaged. You will never get the same exact class day after day. Burn calories, build lean muscle and relieve stress all in one class. Our atmosphere is fun, friendly and very supportive.

northport kickboxing

So what can you expect to get out of our kickboxing and fitness classes?

  • Burn unwanted fat – Our classes will have you burning up to 800 calories or more!
  • Build lean muscle – our combination of resistance training will not only have you burning more calories per class but, building strong lean muscle
  • Better posture – by strengthening your body you will improve posture
  • Stop Osteoporosis – Studies show resistance training is one of the best ways to prevent bone loss
  • Stress relief – Almost everyone has wanted to hit something out of anger, now you can spend an entire class hitting something and it is safe, fun and guilt free

There are so many benefits you will receive by participating in our classes.

Check out what others are saying about H.I.I.T.Kick in Northport

Instructors keep you motivated and challenged. Love the am classes! Keeps me energized all day. Nice people, great workout. I look forward to punching, kicking and lots of sweating!

Vincent and Ed have gotten me in the best shape in years! Their classes are amazing!

Easily the best thing you will do for your mental and physical health. I’m the strongest I have ever been and I had so much fun getting there! Wonderful, supportive, and funny instructors and classmates alike!

So what are you waiting for. Call now for a FREE trial class and see why Full Impact Martial Art”s H.I.I.T.Kick kickboxing and fitness program is the fastest way to reach your fitness goals!

(631) 261-3811